Geneiva Arunga (Dadabassed)
Dadabassed is a spoken word artist and Rapper. Working with Arunga Music under the tutelage of Owuor Arunga. Born in Kisumu, Kenya and raised in Seattle,Washington from the age of eight she has been writing and preforming on stages locally in her Seattle community, and around the globe. Geneiva has been writing poetry and raps for the purpose of bringing people together and addressing various social issues, and for having a good time. Geneiva returned to Kenya in 2006 as a high school exchange student of Cultural Reconnection Institute, and attended Ombogo Girls Academy, and Kisumu Girls School, there she learned how to harness her musical energies and started thinking of the business. With total dedication she has thrown herself into her music starting with her EP she gives you an introduction to her rapper side laced with reminders of her poetry roots. This blog was created to help Dadabassed document her journey and keep informed the people she meets along the way!


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